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Ybor City, Cigar City, what was once the cigar mecca of the world is still kicking strong. While we may not be leading the world in production any longer, we have a variety of small cigar manufactures producing more “craft” cigar options.

The craft beer movement is sweeping the country, and with over 80 in Tampa Bay alone there are no shortage of option. Interestingly our cigar industry has been following suit in its own way curating leaves and tobacco from around the world and distributing internationally.

A new version of the cigar industry is continuing to form and we are proud to know Ybor is holding it down with some amazing products.

Take a stroll down 7th and poke your head in any of these places and see the rolling crews. Grab a stogie, a Cuban Coffee and enjoy your day ­čÖé

Tabanero Cigars

La Herencia De Cuba

Arturo Fuente Metropolitan Cigars

Cigars Plus

Long Ash cigars

Nicahabana Cigars

La Herencia De Ybor

JC Newman

King Corona

La Farona Cigars

Have an awesome day!

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