I think we can all agree development has reached a whole new level of “wow” throughout Tampa Bay. It sure does seem like if we left right now and came back 2020/2021 we wouldn’t be able to recognize the place!

Quick snapshot: Water Street (massive multi use development where Channelside was), MidTown (40ish acres of multi-use housing entertainment on Cypress between Dale Mabry/Himes), 21 Apt/Condos in Development in St. Pete (YES 21! Holy crap), New Pier in St. Pete, New Arts and Craft Museum in St.Pete, 52 Acres in Westshore Marina (Marina, Townhomes, Condos, Entertainment), New hotels breaking ground in Clearwater Beach, New Hotels & Apartments in Dunedin, New Hotels & Apartments in Ybor…this is just a snap shot!

Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about it all :-p

But, back to the Marina District. Our friend Buster Levin, leader of the Selling South Tampa Team at Exit Bayshore Realty, said “After selling real estate everywhere in South Tampa for the last 13 years, it has turned into a land grab. It is exciting to see all of the development and how excited everyone is, especially us realtors.”

Westshore Marina District has already broken ground and the Icon development right next door is already renting its new apartments.

“There has been an explosion South of Gandy over the last 6-8 months and we don’t see that slowing for a while. People are either finding their dream home and settling in, or grabbing something to knock down and hold until the development nears completion for a 2-4 year flip.” said Buster.

All we know is we are excited to continue to strengthen our community promotion in both the leisure a innovation sectors so we can attract awesome people from around the world to come on out and stay for a while.

Check out 9 Marina Point Condos, Westshore Marina District already has already listed and WCI just purchased land in the district to build luxury housing near Westshore Yacht Club!

1- 1.5 Mile Waterfront Park- That’s almost as long as Riverwalk!
2- 150 Slip Marina
3- 70,000 Sq ft of retail space
4- 52 Acres of shopping, parks, marina, as well as condos, townhomes, and luxury apartments!
5- 3 Tower Condos with amazing views
6- WCI is developing 11.85 acres of the project- They do a great job 🙂
7- Townhomes & Condos will be around 1,767-3,414 sq feet
8- Bainbridge (the just open a awesome complex in Ybor you should check out) is developing 345 luxury apartments
9- Price Range $600,000-$1,500,000- Better crack open that rainy day piggy bank money!

Learn more about this community at: www.LiveAtMarinaPointe.com