One super awesome Tampa Theatre fan has willed the orgnaization $623,500! This is the single largest individual donation in the organization’s history.

This amazing donation came from the estate of Richard Redman an interior designer who founded the design firm Dean, Redman, Park.

The funds were left for “maintenance and upkeep” of the theater, fortunately the donation brings the theater’s ongoing $6 million capital campaign up to $5.3 million.

There are lots of “urgent” repairs to this iconic building, including electrical work, removing excess groundwater in the basement, lobby restoration and new seats.

Even more exciting for us visitors we are getting cup holders and new seats!

Don’t worry! The seat will be modeled after the originals but will be must more cushier than the seats form 1926. 🙂

If you didn’t know:
The Theatre was built in 1926 as one of America’s most elaborate movie palaces, the Tampa Theatre today is a passionately protected and beloved community landmark. Designed by famed theater architect John Eberson, it is a superior example of his “atmospheric” style of design. Upon entering under the Theatre’s “blade sign” marquee, audiences are transported to a lavish, romantic Mediterranean courtyard, replete with old-world statuary, flowers and gargoyles.

Over it all is a realistic night sky filled with twinkling stars.

Photo Credit: RoryMad Studios