We have so many start ups and established companies throughout the bay area that, for the most part, go pretty unrecognized for their impact to both our community and the tech space in general. We may not be Silicon Valley, but do we really want to be? In certain respects, mainly funding and talent pools, sure it would be great.


We have our share of companies doing awesome things and more and more funding options are entering our space. Here are some great companies making their marks on the national/international education system.

Script is the first end to end software for automating the process of Field Trips, Parent Billing, and your School Store.

PikMyKid is the first and only school dismissal and student safety application. Their safety platform empowers schools and districts to keep our children safe.

Dynamic Communities
Dynamic Communities is a business management organization that develops and supports technology-centric user groups – providing necessary resources and business operations such as staff, systems and event production.

Kornukopia will change the education information world by providing students everywhere with a superior educational experience. Kornukopia will allow all schools and teachers the ability to present and prove through demonstrable and quantifiable metrics that they are providing their students with an excellent education and that their schools comply with the highest standards of education.

The power of a database right in your hands. Knacks goal is simple: design elegant tools that make it
easy to build the online database you need.

E-North America
We represent the Swiss-made training of Siegel HR and the #1 Danish psychometric profiles of e-stimate® in North America. The expertise and precision of Swiss custom training combined with psychometric tools that are scientific, easy to understand and precise, provide our customers with powerful tools and services to ready their employees in leadership, sales and negotiation and human resources alike.