Craft beer isn’t the only tasty alcoholic beverage making its stamp in Tampa Bay! Here are 6 fantastic distilleries that are already open, and there are a few more that should be popping up over the next few months. The only thing that kind of stinks is a distillery cannot operate like a brewery in the sense that it is not a bar, but most will do a complimentary tasting or something similar.

They can also only sell a limited amount of bottles to you per year as part of some ridiculous quota.

Anyways, go, enjoy, taste! 🙂

Florida Cane– 1820 N 15th St Tampa, Florida, FL 33605
-Favorite- Jalapeno Vodka

St. Petersburg Distillery- 800 31st St. S, Saint Petersburg, Florida, FL 33712
-Favorite- Bayan Reserve

American Freedom Distillery- 2232 5th Ave South, Saint Petersburg, Florida, FL 33712

Kozuba-1960 5th Ave S, Saint Petersburg, Florida, FL 33712
-Favorite- White Whiskey & Starkus

Fish Hawk Spirits– 1605-1643 E 8th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
-Favorite- Blueberry Vodka

Touch Vodka