Big shout out to Uber driver Chad Farley!

“I suspected something was wrong Monday night when a passenger asked to be dropped off in the middle of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.”

It is pretty obvious if someone asks you to let you out at the top, nothing good is going to come from it.

After chatting with the passenger Farley learned he had brain cancer and was able to pray with the man. Before dropping him off at the fishing pier he was able to snap a photo of them smiling together telling him he just wanted to remember what he looked like. Crafty move since his ulterior motive was to have something to show after he called 911.

His call brought state troopers who ended up rescuing the 28-year-old St. Petersburg man after he entered the water near the pier.

“He was getting out, but before he did, I told him how much God loves him,” Farley told the Tampa Bay Times.

Tampa Bay- A community that cares. Thanks for being awesome Chad!