Tampa resident of viral internet fame known for keeping his restaurant open 24/7 to feed and house hurricane Irma victims launches a non-profit to feed the hungry and bridge social divides.

We are extremely proud to announce that the newly founded Feed In Need Inc. non-profit organization is providing a free hot holiday meal to anyone in need.

After a successful Thanksgiving meal service providing meals to more than five thousand in Tampa Bay area, Feed In Need is offering a free meal service at two locations during the upcoming holiday weekend at the following locations:

Feed In Need Location:
Dream Builders
8145 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL. 33604
11-3pm on Saturday 23rd of December

MTC Downtown
1302 N. Marion St.
Tampa, FL. 33602
1pm on Sunday 24th of December
(while supplies last)

Would you like to support? Click the link below to make a donation:

At Feed In Need, we believe that through connecting our community, we can accomplish anything. When we look past our differences is when we can truly advance. Everyone can make an impact. We believe unity is the key to our common goal: to inspire a happier, healthier future.

“Together we can overcome our differences and enjoy a day of peace without hunger”, said Ergin Tek, Founder of Feed In Need. “Lets take a moment to help our neighbors this Holiday Season.”

About Feed In Need: Feed in Need Inc. is a non-profit based in Tampa, FL with the goal of feeding all in need in our community and beyond. Feed In Need works in conjunction with individuals, businesses and communities to advance to a brighter tomorrow.

Contact: Ergin Tek, Founder, Feed In Need Inc.

Office: 813-863-5786 or Cel: 813.928.6665


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Our Founder and 2017 Best Restaurant First Responder award winner Ergin Tek

Thanksgiving donations arriving from the kind people at Publix.

One of our many free meal locations ranging from Catholic churches to Community Centers and from Mosques to Synagogues. Our goal: A true interfaith outreach.