There are 5 therapists that work at Pure Harmony Massage. Collectively they have over 50 years of massage therapy experience. πŸ™‚

The Energy Balance session is the most popular service at Pure Harmony. It combines Massage and Reiki for a complete mind, body balancing experience

Pure Harmony’s therapist massage all ages of humans. Pregnant women, babies, kids, teenagers, adults and seniors.

They incorporate Massage, Reiki and Essential Oils to help promote balance. We always leave feeling awesome!

Cupping– a little crazy at first, but wow does it make a difference!
-Increases blood flow (moves Qi)
-Helps reduce coughs and congestion
-Release muscle tension and pain

Cupping, the application of a glass or plastic jar to provide suction to the tissues and underlying fascia is used to draw and remove blockages from the channels via the skin and muscles. Massage along with cupping treatments can relieve chronic and stubborn pain patterns.

Licences: Mm17756