One of the best places to catch the sunset from a roof, Jimmy’s Crows Nest is and has been one of our go to hangouts for years. Now we must let you know someone decided to build a big hotel right across the street so there are a few months out of the year there is a building blocking the best part of the view, but for the most part you will catch it.

Either way, this is the #1 roof top beach bar on Clearwater Beach. Great views, even better drinks.
If you are coming to visit pay attention: Jimmy’s Crows Nest- Awesome for Drinks and View | Jimmy’s Fish House- Incredible Food, Drinks, and still a great sunset view (year round)

While the crows nest also has the most amazing Pina Colada you have ever had the food is a bit more bar style so come up for the drinks and the view then head over to their sister property for some amazing seafood.
We find this to typically be our first landing spot when kicking off a getaway on the strip.