As of Wed the Downtowner is adding two new all-electric Chevrolet Bolts.

Thank goodness! Now we will now have eight vehicles on the road at all times instead of six 🙂

The Downtowner hit the 100,000-rider mark in less than seven months serves and about 500 people a day. Being one of those people who hits “Request Ride” then sees 45+ min wait then just says the hell with it and walks we are super excited to have a few more on the road.

If you are wondering how this is funded, it is a $1 million-per-year program paid for with a combination of city redevelopment property tax revenue, and state and federal funds and contributions from the nonprofit Downtown Tampa Partnership, downtown hotels, office towers and developers.

What we are most excited about is these new Bolts are going to have AC! Jackpot! While we do love the little enclosed electric go karts with the windows down nothing compares to that icy cold air in an enclosed space.

Another bonus is the Bolt can go 200 miles on a single charge, so they won’t have to go back to the charging station as frequently.

“The Chevy Bolt’s range allows us to move more people with less resources,” Downtowner chief operating officer Travis Gleason said.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to request a Bolt versus a GEM. So hopefully you are feeling luck in these summer months.