Over 100 years of delicious history right here! We are so excited for La Segunda’s new location on Kennedy just east of Lois on the north side of the street. The Ybor location has been around for ever, but since it is on a 1 way street and there was no seating most people have probably enjoyed the bread at their favorite sandwich place, but never showed up to the bakery.

NOW! With the beautiful new location you can get a feel for Ybor while never hitting I-4 🙂

Here are the most popular pastries over the last 100 years and going strong. We are HUGE fans of the Guava and Cheese. YUM!

Have an awesome day and remember to eat something delicious.

Check out their menu- https://www.lasegundabakery.com/cafemenu/

Guava Turnover– The staple, and a Tampa Classic! 🙂

Rainbow Cake

Guava and Cheese Turnover

Sticky Bun– Yum!