Now isn’t this cool!

It turns out we have Cucumber slicing vehicle en route to Tampa Bay this November!

Refreshing craft cocktails will be cruising into town November 28-30, The Grand Garnisher will be making a stop over in Tampa, exact destinations yet to be announced 🙂

Cucumber slices will are delivered to patrons’ cups courtesy of a conveyor belt. How are these cucumbers cut and dispensed you may ask?

That happy gentleman a top the truck in the picture will be pedaling a large-wheeled bicycle and a diesel motor helps make the grand garnisher work.

The vehicle made its maiden voyage on World Cucumber Day, June 14, is NYC. Following their cruise with the Statue of Liberty, The Grand Garnisher is now passing through major cities across the country.

Atlas Obscura expertly describes the process:

“To operate the Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher, one must first climb atop the vessel’s crown, where ambassador Mark Stoddard cycles to keep the machine’s gears grinding. Near the gentleman’s hip rests a French Horn…or is it? Sliding a cucumber into this “instrument” activates the device’s culinary engine: an elaborate system of pneumatic tubing, interlocking gears and rotating blades.”

Hope to see you there!

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