There are so many outstanding meals to enjoy around Dunedin, here are some the we love 🙂 As you can see we are suckers for lobster.

We know there are a ton more! Let us know your favorite and we will continue to add them!

Lobster Roll @ Cafe Alfresco

Octopus @ Sea Sea Riders

Lobster & Avocado Stack @ Bon Appetites

Grilled Shrimp App @ Honu

Wings @ Smokehouse

Poblano Enchiladas @ Casa Tina

Lobster Quesadilla @ Lucky Lobster

Roasted Oysters @ Hog Island

Crab stuffed New Zealand Mussels @ Pisces Sushi and Global Bistro

Tuna Salad @ Kelly’s

Burger @ Dunedin Brewery

Fish N Chips @ Flanagan’s

Pub Burger @ Clear Sky Cafe

Pastry and Coffee @ Dunedin Coffee Co.

Have an awesome day!