We are big fans of Cork and Brew! The owner is a super nice guy too. We also absolutely love the beer selection.

They have a nice fruit and cheese board, but the one thing they have that nobody else on the beach has is the volcano rock. So when you order a steak they bring it out on a volcanic rock. From there you cook it kind of like fondue style. If you are out with a group this would probably be a pain, so you may want to reserve this for a romantic evening.

What we get most often are their sandwiches. We have had their soup and flat breads before too, but everything has all always been very tasty. Our go to is the Big mouth deli sandwich 🙂

We just so happen to be located in Tampa Bay which has over 50 breweries within 25 square miles so there is also a nice rotation of local beers.

For you out of towners there are also some other tasty brews from around the country.
They are located on the north side of the island close to some easy access parking, and if you play your cards right you can get a street spot!