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It goes without saying that when you hear anything about Clearwater’s waterfront you probably default to thinking about the amazing beaches, BUT did you know about all the new awesome stuff happening everywhere else! 🙂

There are development projects going on right now around our Intracoastal water front and they are making big strides every week!

Imagine Clearwater is in the process of transforming both the green space and buildings between Pierce and Drew from the water to Osceola, check out the renderings below.

This development will add 19 acres of park space, which is 110% increase to Coachman Parks current footprint as well as an additional .3 miles of new walkway along the water.

Aside from the green space enhancements the Harborview Center will be demolished and redeveloped into something with a more public facing use such as rental housing or a boutique hotels with ground floor restaurants and retail. The plans are not finalized yet, however the center is set to be knocked down in the coming months.

Even the library and City Hall are caught up in the mix, not to be demolished, but enhance the communities ability to engage with the space. The City offices themselves are being moved in the next few months to the One Clearwater Tower, however the rest of MSB is staying put for the time being.

Here are some links if you would like a deeper dive into all the plans:
Outline Overview: Click Here

Master Plan (142 Pages)- Click Here

US 19 Update: The city of Clearwater rezoned all properties along the city’s seven-mile stretch of US 19 and its major cross streets. New design standards accompany the rezoning and together provide many opportunities for redevelopment along this important north-south corridor that runs through Pinellas County.-Check out those plans here.

Over the next 5-10 Years between the transformation on US 19, new hotels at the beach, and a completely revitalized Downtown/Waterfront, Clearwater is on pace to have a similar shift which St. Pete has gone through over the past decade.

It is going to be awesome!

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