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Who knew that all this was going on in Ybor right underneath our feet?!

Unless you have read any of the mafia books about Ybor you probably never even realized it. Even if you saw Ben Affleck in “Live by Night” this will be news to you :-p

Underneath Ybor there is secret mystery tunnels that hold the reminisce of its mischievous past.

Known for cigar making, prohibition stories, and an eclectic nightlife, there are many stories about what these tunnels were used for.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

It is believed that these tunnels were carved out and used by smugglers, bootleggers and the like during the Prohibition.

Photo Credit:Flickr mookitty

What is pretty interesting is the fact that the tunnels criss-crossed the entire city, most residents unknowing of what was going on right under their feet.

When police would raid different casinos, gambling halls and illegal bars in Ybor, messengers would run through the tunnels to sound the alarm.

Photo Credit: Flickr jcw1967

Obviously this isn’t part of any Ybor City tour your have been on due to the safety hazards, but those few still living who have been inside can crack and egg of knowledge on you lol

Check out an old ABC Action News video showing off a little more about it.

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