Wow, wow, wow! Stop at Crabby’s Beachwalk Bar and Grill and prepare yourself because you just might get sucked into a vortex of awesomeness. Their signature, the 1 menu item you must try, is the Beachwalk Feast.

It is a delicious combination of six top neck clams, large bairdi crab, and 1/2lb of fresh gulf shrimp.

So it sounds like enough to share, but you probably won’t want to 🙂

Onto the drinks! This is where you really get sucked in 🙂 One of the reasons we love Clearwater Beach so much is most of the drinks are not over priced. There are a bunch of places to get $2-$3 beer and fancy, delicious beach cocktail for around $8.

We forgot the name of the drink, lol imagine that, but all their cocktails are the kind that you take a sip of and say to yourself “OOoo this is a dangerous one I don’t even taste the booze…”

Then 2-3… later it is getting dark outside and you forgot to even turn your chair to watch the sunset!

Needless to say it is a super fun and delicious place. Enjoy!