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So there is a new way to enjoy events in Tampa Bay!

We just discovered this awesome subscription called INWEGO. INWEGO recently launched here in the Tampa Bay area and if you love events this is a MUST – especially with event season upon us 🙂

In a nutshell: It is a $39/mo subscription and you get access to tickets to tons of college and pro sports events, food and drink festivals, concerts, comedy shows, beer tastings & more. NO ADDITIONAL TICKET FEES – the full ticket price is included in your monthly subscription!

After you download the app (it’s free to download!) , you can see all of the awesome events you can go to. Once you subscribe and are ready to claim tickets, click on the event you want to go to and”Reserve Ticket” and you are good to go. It’s super simple!There are tons of events to choose from but there are a limited number of tickets per event so make sure to get them while they last.

Everyone knows events are always better with friends! You can link your ticket with another INWEGO subscriber to make sure you sit together OR you can buy a guest ticket for a friend that isn’t a subscriber.

We had a few people who were about to do some traveling and saw INWEGO is in multiple cities, you can actually pay $10 and have access to any INWEGO city’s events for 10 days. Pretty awesome! 🙂

We already hit up Oktoberfest in Tampa on the 12th, next we are hitting the Lightning/Devils on the 30th- Boom! Check out all the upcoming events on INWEGO at

What to get in on the action? Use code AWESOME for 50% off your 1st month of INWEGO. Code expires 11/30. Don’t miss out!

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