Obviously we are BIG fans of Clearwater Beach, but what else is there to do other than get a tan, eat, and drink you may ask?

Well! Here are a few of our favorite activities to get into 🙂

8. Surf Style Flowrider
If you didn’t know already Clearwater Beach isn’t exactly known as the surfing capital of anywhere. So our friends at Surf Style decided to help out and give us year round surfing indoors.

It is pretty awesome! It kind of feels like a combination of snowboarding and wake boarding.
Caution: If your boarding skills are a bit rusty be prepared to be a bit sore in about 24 hours because you are gonna eat it! :-p

It takes about a half hour, there is an hour option as well, but trust us, 30 min is enough. So grab a pair of board short and give it a whirl!

7. Parasailing Clearwater Beach
If you have never experienced a Parasailing at Clearwater Beach you are in for a treat.
Enjoy either a 800 or 1000 foot parasail ride and overlook the clearwaters, beautiful sand, and Tampa Bay skyline with your best buddy.

A little fun, a little excitement, and a lifetime of memories.

6. Jet Ski
Clearwater Beach Jet Ski Rentals are second to none. There are a few options and some even provide one of a kind tours.

Some places just sign you up and let you ride, which is fun, but there are some cool places to venture off to so taking a little tour with a guide and a group can be super fun. Come on out and enjoy a day at the beach.
It is your chance to explore the beauty of Clearwater Beach and its islands only accessible by water.

5. Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Home of Winter the Dolphin the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a super fun expedition for the whole family. Growing up in the area and coming here as a kid I think after Winter came to town she saved the aquarium as much as they saved her.

Over the last 20 years it has turned into an absolutely amazing facility that is rehabilitating and researching so much of Florida’s oceanic wildlife. This place is doing amazing things, creating outstanding educational programs, and creating a space to create a voice for our water bound friends.

Make a afternoon of it, you won’t regret it!

4. Pirate Ship at Clearwater Beach
If you have little ones the Pirate Ship at Clearwater Beach is a total blast! You definitely want to go with the sunset cruise. The daytime is nice, but the sunset cruise is where it is at.

Now if you are traveling with a more adult crew there is the all you can drink beer and wine so it is not ONLY for kids. The kids take over the lower deck and there is no shortage of room for the grown ups to have their own fun. Get some pirate mustaches drawn on, grab your capt hat, and arrrrr yer booty! :-p

Good times, great fun, and a beautiful view the Captain Memo’s Pirate Ship at Clearwater Beach is a great time.

3. Clearwater Ferry
The Clearwater Ferry is one of our favorite ways to get around town. It travels around the island and over to the mainland so you can explore the up and coming downtown Clearwater area.
This is a great way to get over the the Aquarium as well.

There are lots of little boat tours usually from $15-$40 a person, the Ferry is only $4 each way so really for $8 you can get a little tour and get out on the water and maybe see some dolphins.
Have fun!

Here is a link to their schedule: http://www.clearwaterferry.com/

2. Tropics Dolphin Tour
The Tropics Dolphin Tour can accommodates up to 125 passengers so if you are looking to have a little celebration it is a great option.

Their tours include guaranteed dolphin sightings on our dolphin cruise, enjoy beautiful sunsets on our sunset cruise, children’s activities and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks – all while sailing the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We have been on multiple times and WOW these guys deliver!

Check them out: http://www.thetropicsboattours.com/

1. Fishing Charters
So there are dozens of fishing charters some on a large boat that range from $35-$75 for a trip per person, these boats hold around 70-100 people. Others are private boats usually 4-6 passenger and average around $500 for the trip.

There are so many varieties of species of fish just offshore in the Gulf such as: catching red and gag grouper, spanish and king mackerel, amberjack, barracuda, bonita, snapper, cobia, hogfish, mahi mahi, tuna, sharks, and more. You are sure to bring back something delicious for the grill.

Our go to is: www.reeldealsportfishing.com

Have fun and make sure to like: https://www.facebook.com/ClearwaterBeachisAwesome/