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There are just so many outstanding sandwiches throughout the Tampa Bay area these are but a few. How could we put a ranking when each bite contains it own unique delicious flavors?

Here are 8 awesome sandwiches at places you may have never known existed.

PS- you do not need a passport to travel around our community and enjoy other areas than your backyard. :-p

1) Schiller U-Boat @ Schiller’s German Deli- South Tampa

OOoOooO Man…MMMMmMM! That is the only way to even begin to describe this master piece of deliciousness.Three different kinds of German cold cuts, one of them is wrapped in bacon by the way, the smoked ham and true deli mustard just came together to create this life changing sandwich.

I do not know of anywhere else in Tampa Bay that you can even get this combination of ingredients let alone have them paired with a wide variety of German beers.

2) Hot Italian @ Mazzaro’s- St. Pete

Wow, wow, wow! Did I mention WOW! A friend mine asked me if I had ever been here before and when I said “no” we basically dropped everything and hit the road.

The traditional Italian Sub, a masterpiece. I love stuff a bit spicy so I had them toss on some extra banana peppers.

But, OMG the toasted bread and the Italian dressing drizzle, this was a “time for a nap” kind of sandwich.

Drop what you are doing and go now!


3) Corn Beef & Pastrami @ Lucky Dill- Palm Harbor (Soon to be Tampa!)

What a pile of delicious awesomeness!There is absolutely no other place in the Tampa Bay area with a NY style sandwich that compares to this. (That we have discovered yet…)

The picture pretty much speaks for itself.

The deli mustard with the mustard seeds and the coleslaw just add to the incredible flavor of the corn beef and pastrami.

I almost feel speechless when trying to articulate how good this sandwich is.


4) Ahi Tuna @ Brass Monkey- Pass-A-Grille

This 8oz filet of Ahi Tuna, as you can see, was twice the size of the bun!

You cannot find a better view, or value (Only $13!) anywhere in Tampa Bay. Brass Monkey has an amazing 2nd floor view of the sunset and only the freshest seafood. This is by far the best Ahi Tuna sandwich we have ever experienced.

If you are not into Tuna, you must try their baseball size, made from scratch, incredibly delicious crab cakes!


5) Roast Pork @ Brocatos- East Tampa

A true mess of deliciousness. The pork was so tender, juicy, and filled with flavor.

One of the things that was different about the toppings they added was little potatoes, very small like breakfast potato size.

I am by no means someone who cares about getting messy when eating, but the pork was so juicy and delicious it made the bread start falling apart pretty much as soon as I started eating.

Not really a big deal to me, but just a heads up get lots of extra napkins!


6) Lobster Roll @ Lobster Haven- Oldsmar

This sandwich was so simple, yet so perfect.  Plain white bread, lettuce, tomato, a smear of mayo , and a ton of delicious lobster.  GLORIOUS!

Lobster Haven is a restaurant as well as a seafood market.  There’s lobster everywhere and the New England theme is quite obvious.

After a few bites I added some slaw to the mix. Even more GLORIOUS! I don’t know what it is, but adding slaw to a sandwich immediately elevates it for me :-p

7) The Resurection @ Engine No 9- Downtown St. Pete

So we wouldn’t typically classify a burger as a sandwich, but due to this burgers delicious spiciness we are going make up the rules as we go.

This magnificence consists of ghost pepper cheese (typically 3 kinds of bleu cheese, but we are not bleu cheese fans so we subbed it out) , applewood smoked bacon, roasted garlic, jalapenos, sweet thai chili sauce, and mashed habanero (which is what you see in the little orange cup on the side)

It may go without saying but this was the spiciest burger we have ever eaten and it was absolutely phenomenal! Definitely not for those who can’t take the heat. :-p


8) Grouper Philly @ Island Way Grill- Tierra Verde

Hands down most amazing grouper sandwich I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The sandwich came out with nice, big chunks of grouper covered in melted cheese and Bayou sauce that actually had some spice to it! I say “actually had some spice to it” because 9 out of 10 places I go that have “spicy” dishes are just ridiculously weak. BUT, not today!

The fish was grilled to perfection. The flavors from the grill came through the flavors of the sauce and cheese along with the lightly charred veggies and crispy bun.  Now I love sweet potato fries and they had sweet potato tots, another massive success! Perfectly fried, nice a crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I do not think there are enough good things I can say about this entire meal.

Like we said in the beginning these are not the “BEST OF ” just 8 awesome sandwiches we thought you should know about.

Let us know your favorite place so we can give them a shout out! 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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