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Haven’t done your holiday shopping? Join the club. I am notorious for waiting until the last possible minute to rundown my entire list. And even though I vow every year to change this habit and plan ahead, the truth is when there are so many incredible gifts you can get in the final hour, it’s hard for me to feel bad about it. So why change my pattern?

In fact, given the awesome lineup below, I’m fairly certain all last-minute gift givers — and I know I’m hardly alone here — can officially transform our position from procrastinators to innovators. To prove it, just watch the reactions on the faces of your friends and family when they open one of the 5 gifts below… all of which can be under the tree faster than Amazon Prime delivery.

Care Package from FOOD NOT FLOWERS

This could possibly be the best of the bunch because not only does it include locally-made, freshly prepared meals, cookies, organic rosemary (picked right here from the Tampa Heights Community Garden!) and an incredible lineup of add-ons ranging from juniper candles and bonsai trees to signed books and gourmet popcorn, but it can be put together without leaving the sofa.. Yep, this service — founded in Tampa just this year — brings back the old school care package but without you having to lift a finger. There are even hand-written notes, personalized video messages making it ideal for those out of town folds you don’t get to see over the holidays; this is the next best thing to sending yourself. Once you build your care package, just pick the date you want it to arrive on your loved ones’ doorstep (whether that’s in two days — or months in advance!). Oh, and right now all extra gifts are FREE with the code HOLIDAYEXTRA2019. You’re welcome.

Two Words: Cuban. Food.

The gift of good Cuban food will never be ill-received. It’s in our blood (literally). So why put a little culture and deliciousness into your loved ones’ bellies this season? And no, we don’t mean stuffing a Cuban sandwich in their stocking (although that would probably actually so over fine). Local favorite Hemingway’s — home to Tampa’s “best Cuban sandwich” — creates custom gift cards. That means you can put enough for happy hour croquettes and homemade sangria to the whole spread, which you better believe better included chicharrones, salchipapa, and a big ol’ slice of tres leches cake.

A Sweet Platter from Bake’n Babes

Who knew something so something flipping delicious could be vegan?! Not me. And as a self-proclaimed cookie monster expert, let me just reiterate: these cookies are just plain fantastic. Grab a decorative box and stuff them with the sea salt chocolate chip and fruity pebbles cookies, and if you really like this person, a couple sleazy brownies (layers of cookie dough, Oreo, and brownie batter). Oh, and as if the Bake’n Babe cookies couldn’t be mind-blowing enough they now have CBD varieties of their chocolate chip cookie available. A way to chill out your family over the holidays? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving,

A Butt-Kicking from CAMP

Look, you’re going to have to work off those cookies somehow. And Camp has just added to their already impressive campus in a BIG way with more studios, classes — and parking! — making getting your workout on more doable and fun than ever. It’s almost impossible to get stuck in a workout rut here, that’s how many classes are available. My personal favorites? Glad you asked! Love me some Stations, Circuit, Hot Ass + Abs… and of course, Hip Hop Yoga. Give the gift of fitness by purchasing an emailed gift package that allows the recipient to pick and choose their own workout regime. Better yet, buy two so you can hammer out those resolutions together.

Ultra Cool Home Decor from Bamboo Bungalow Interiors

Not to knock Home Goods (because I am a self-proclaimed addict), but sometimes you want certain things in your home to be original. Tampa-native Emily Depury knows a thing or two about that, considering she stocked up on so many incredible goodies from her travels (ranging from New England coast road trips to Istanbul), she opened an entire store. Located on the corner of Platt and Howard (the dedicated FREE parking lot = game changer), her restored bungalow is like walking into a Pinterest page. From small gifts including vintage candle holders, orchid vases and custom glasses to the bigger, more jaw-dropping coffee tables, custom throw pillows exquisite hand-made Turkish rugs, everything in this store makes for a truly authentic gift. You can also opt to give the gift of Emily herself, who works one-on-one with clients for custom interior design.

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