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Wow, this is pretty flippin’ crazy! We are certainly excited for the Tampa Bay Foodie scene, but we do sometimes wonder where the hell all these “new” patrons are coming from. Armature Works has literally thousands of people coming through the doors in a day, where did all those people go before? Are other places we used to frequent taking a hit, or has to population of Tampa Bay exploded so dramatically we needed another 100+ tasty destinations?

It would be an interesting statistic that probably exists somewhere- but for every additional restaurant a community opens how much larger does the population need to be to support both the new place and existing businesses.

While we LOVE to explore and enjoy all they awesomeness in our community, we do urge you to also continue to support the places you already love so they can stay around.

The Getaway – 3701 50th Ave. S., St. Petersburg,

La Segunda Central Bakery – 4001 W. Kennedy Blvd. #4, Tampa,

The Left Bank Bistro  1225 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, (photo from Left Bank Bistro)

Metro Diner – 4011 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, 813-364-0076, (photo from Metro Diner)

3 Dot Dash Vegan Kitchen – 6201 N. Florida Ave., Tampa. (photo from 3 Dot Dash)

America Neat Grill & Whiskey House – 2232 Fifth Ave. S., St. Petersburg, from American Neat Grill)

The Bowery –1811 N. 15th St. #A, Tampa. (photo from The Bowery)

Catrinas Tacos and Tequila – 1611 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, from Catrinas Tacos)

Clean Juice  1640 W. Snow Ave., Tampa, from Clean Juice)

The Hideaway Pizza Pub  3901 Sixth St. S., St. Petersburg, 727-914-3465, from Hideaway Pizza Pub)

Hooch and Hive – 1001 W. Cass St., Tampa, 813-251-1234, from Hooch and Hive)

Louis Pappas Fresh Greek –  3409 W Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa, 813-839-0000, (photo from Louis Pappas)

Yeoman’s Cask & Lion,4306, 200 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg (photo from Yeoman’s)

Whiskey Cartel– 1600 Main St., Duendin 

Pacific Counter  660 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, from Pacific Counter)

Pacini’s Italian Restaurant & Bar – 997 Main St., Safety Harbor, 727-412-8053, from Pacini’s)

Philly Pretzel Factory – 11244 Boyette Road, Riverview, 813-741-0005, from Philly Pretzel)

The Rusty Lyon – 923 Broadway, Dunedin, from Rusty Lyon)

SoHo Juice Co. – 3120 W. Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa, from Soho Juice)

Taco Dirty – 2221 Platt St., Tampa, 813-314-7900, from Taco Dirty)

Trophy Fish – 2060 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, from Trophy Fish)

Oak & Stone – 199 Central Ave., St. Petersburg,


Datz – 180 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, from Datz)

Ford’s Garage4306, 200 1st Ave S, St.

Forbici – 1633 W. Snow Ave., Tampa.

Nebraska Mini-Mart –4815 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa,

Gen X Tavern– 200 N. Tampa St. #G-130, Tampa.

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