1. I love people watching down Tampa’s historic Franklin Street, while drinking a fresh, cold-pressed juice from Urban Juice.

2. I love walking the Riverwalk at the end of the day. The people with their pets, and the sunset over University of Tampa just melts away any stress from the day.

3. I love taking walking tours of Ybor city with Lonnie… there’s no better story teller around and he’s backed up all his facts from 2 separate independent sources, so you get historical facts delivered in the most entertaining way.

4. I love taking my dog to the dog park at Curtis Hixon park. Great views of the Hillsborough River and University of Tampa

5. I love having dinner at the Tampa Club, Tampa’s highest restaurant on the top floor of the Bank of America Building.

6. I love the El Jefe at Taco Bus… I’ve yet to be able to eat it in one setting. Come to think of it, it takes me 3 settings!

7. I love reading books in Gaslight Park in the fall. Perfect temperature, and makes me feel like I’m in London on a nice day.

8. I love being a pirate at Gasparilla and throwing beads to the cheering crowd. I don’t love the sore elbow the next day. #ItWasWorthIt

9. I love renting a blue bike anywhere in Tampa and dropping it off at my destination. So easy!!!

10. I love watching a movie at one the top ten most beautiful theaters in the world – The Tampa Theatre.

11. I love eating a mediterranean feast at Fallafal Inn. The owners are so friendly and epitomize the heart and mind of an entrepreneur.

12. I love walking through the back of Glazier Museum. The massive graffiti art is the largest in Tampa Bay! #StayCurious

13. I love walking to work each day. There’s something freeing about not owning a car and not needing one. My daily commute is a 6 minute walk! #DowntownLiving

14. I love seeing “top-ten” lists on social media and knowing that Tampa is most likely on the list. #TampaHasSwagger

15. I love the concerts in Curtis Hixon Park. I can open my slider in my apt and listen to award winning bands.

16. I love yoga in the park on Sundays. With nearly 500 people each week it’s one perfect place to meet like minded people committed to a healthy life.

17. I love all the Downtown Partners with their bright yellow shirts and safari hats. They are always friendly and willing to answer a question. Plus, for anyone needing an escort to their car for safety, they are a phone call away. (813) 267 – 2220.

18. I love Rock The Park. Free concerts on the first Thursday of the Month at Curtis Hixon Park.

19. I love the downtown Farmer’s Market in the fall. Food tastes better when you know you are buying healthy and supporting local business owners at the same time.

20. I love hopping on the TECO line streetcar over to Channelside. It’s fun, convenient, and insanely affordable.

21. I love the new water taxis that take up the Hillsborough River and all the way to Channelside. I can’t decide which views are nicer. The walks along the Riverwalk, or the view of the Riverwalk from the Water Taxi!

By our buddy Topher Morrison