There are obviously no shortages of bars in Ybor City so here are a few of our favorite spots and beverages to enjoy around town 🙂

Now if we are just looking to hang out and have some beer and maybe play some pool we are suckers for The Bad Monkey. Keeping in real all the time.

Have an awesome day!

$3 Martini’s at Bernini’s and Carne (We love the chocolate/espresso mix)

Delicious Whisky at Fishhawk Spirits (They also have an amazing blueberry vodka!)

Green Room & Stairway To Heaven at Rock Brothers 🙂

$2 Shot and a Beer at Gaspars Grotto (watch out, they can creep up on you)

$5 Car Bomb at James Joyce

Lemonade Icee at Centro Cantina

Blonde at Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Ybor Premium at Zydeco Brew Werks

Night Swim at Coppertail

Some Cider and Mead action 

The recently launched Gaspar’s Rum!