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People come to Tampa Bay for so many different reasons and we get to live here! From the beaches and sporting events to cruises and amusement parks, here are a few awesome things that if you live here and haven’t experienced yet, get on it! :-p

1 ) Waterfront Dining– Since Tampa Bay is that little peninsula we have a bunch of amazing waterfront dining experiences ranging from beautiful experiences at 4 diamond hotels to local burger hangouts there is something for everyone to enjoy.

2 ) Amazing Beaches– From North Beach in Clearwater to the tip of Pass-A-Grille there is over 20 miles of waterfront awesomeness.

3 ) Columbia Restaurant– This is Florida’s oldest restaurant. Now when you hear something like that you may be asking yourself how nice is this place? Well it is gorgeous inside and the food is even better!

4 ) Cigars– In the early 1900’s Ybor City was filled with dozens of large cigar factories, and few are still standing. Even though there may not be as many commercial factories you can still enjoy a stroll down 7th Avenue and pop in to any one of the many local cigar stores and get a hand rolled stogie.

5 ) Hellas– An authentic Greek bakery in Tarpon Springs. Fun Fact, Tarpon Springs has the largest Greek population based on density outside of Greece! This bakery will blow your mind.

6 ) Craft beer– Over the past 5 years Tampa Bay has put themselves on the map in the craft beer movement with more than 42 breweries and growing all over town.

7 ) Bern’s Steakhouse– A world renowned gem in our community, this steak house has been recognized internationally for it food, atmosphere, and experience. It houses the 2nd largest wine cellar in the world, and has a separate dining area for desert, The Desert Room, which you absolutely do not want to miss.

8 ) Ft. Desoto– If you have lived here more than 2 years and haven’t made it down to this park you are totally missing out. This was a fully functioning base at one point and is one of the coolest and most historic things to see in the bay area.

9 ) Duncan McClellan Gallery– We have numerous art museums sure, but this is the gallery that will really wow you. Check out live glass blowing, some of the most amazing glass sculptures, and a beautiful gallery that double as a personal residence.

10 ) Bayshore Blvd– The world’s longest continuous sidewalk, plus it is waterfront! This 4.5 mile sidewalk is a lovely spot for an evening walk or morning exercise routine. You will no doubt see the strip filled with bicycles, runner, and roller blades any day of the week.

11 ) Lighted Parks and Riverwalk– A few years ago our mayors initiated a concept of lighting all of our downtown parks and each year they committed to add in another installation. Well it has been more than 5 years and our parks and Riverwalk are lit up so beautifully this is has become a local attraction. Filled with pop up bars, waterfront dining, and pool parties on Sunday’s take some time out and make a day of it.

Enjoy Tampa Bay like a local. We hope to see you soon.

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