I don’t go to the Surf Shack often.  Regardless, it’s one of the few places around town that I can order something different EVERY time and EVERY time I absolutely LOVE IT.

On this particular day the special was Scallop Tacos.  I looked no further and ordered it.   AWESOME!  In fact it was so visually appealing I took a bite before I took the picture.  You actually get two tacos.  I don’t even know everything that was in it.  I really can’t describe the flavors.  Just know this, it was freakin’ phenomenal.

I’m not a big slaw fan but it seemed the appropriate pairing.  It was really good as well.

Price:  Not sure but definitely less than $10

*** I’m going to go ahead and give out my first 10 on this one.

Rating:  10 out 10


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