Another one of my favorites are chicken wings.  They are served everywhere and it’s kind of difficult to screw them up.    Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza does their Chicken Wings different from anywhere else and in a good way.

What a beautiful pile of goodness!   The wings are super “tasty”.  I love the char on the wings and onions.  Eat a wing by itself or with some onions in the mix – works both ways.  You can’t see the delicious treat at the bottom but it’s all served on top of fresh Focaccia bread.  Nice touch!

I’m going to give them an 8.5 out of 10.  I would have rated them a 9.5 or 10 if bleu cheese dressing was available.  I ate one and while I was still chewing I got the bartender’s attention.  Before I could speak he said don’t even ask, they don’t have anything for the wings.  He didn’t say it in a bad way, he felt my pain.

Menu Description:

Anthony’s Original Coal Oven Roasted Wings Served with Carmelized Onions And Focaccia Bread

Price:  $9.75

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