With such an abundance of fantastic restaurants and bars it is easy to forget about all the other fun activities we have access too. Yes, most of them have a little something to do with being active but if fitness isn’t your thing there are still some super cool places you can hit up.

Plus, if you have kids these are even better since you can get in on the action as well.

PS- Watch out for the flow rider it can be a bit cruel 🙂

Indoor Surfinghttps://flowrider.surfstyle.com

Verticle Ventureshttps://verticalventures.com/

Altitude Trampoline Parkhttp://www.altitudetampa.com/

Pattinis Bistro & Skatehttp://pattinis.com/

Evo Athletics Ninja Gym http://evoathletics.com/programs/ninja-warrior/

Indoor Skydivinghttps://www.iflyworld.com/tampa/

Live Trainig Ninja Gymhttp://livetrainingfl.com

Gametime https://www.gametimeplayers.com/locations/tampa/

Brewland Billiardshttp://www.brewlandsbilliards.com/tampa.html

Indoor Go Cartinghttp://tampabaygp.com/

Museums + Galleries
-28 Beautiful Galleries
-34 Interesting Museums


Ice Skating

Sim Center VR Experiencehttp://www.simcentertampabay.com/