KojaksSo I started putting on the show Pitmasters while I was working and decided to self appoint myself a BBQ judge. I got excited because I saw an opportunity to really get certified last month, but couldn’t work it out with time πŸ™

Now to the BBQ!

Review with out my “BBQ Judge Hat”:
First I was blown away at how fast our waitress delivered our food. We ordered drinks and food at the same time and she walked out with our food before the drinks! Obviously I am aware all of this stuff has been cooking for hours and is ready to go, but it didn’t even seem like she had time to put it in the computer. Anyways, very fast service.

I don’t go to BBQ places often, but certainly do love it when the meat on the ribs falls off the bone and these ribs did just that. Very juicy and flavorful. I am not sure how I feel about nothing coming out with sauce on it already, but I guess it is easier for them to let you do it to your preference.

The sausage was very tasty, perfectly cooked, would have been great on a toasted hot dog bun. I wasn’t blown away by the chicken. It was good, but I would go with something else next time.

Review with my “BBQ Judge Hat”: πŸ˜›
Ok, so from what I learned watching the show was when you take a bit of a rib the meat is NOT supposed to all fall off. Apparently you are supposed to take a effortless bite and leave teeth marks in the meat. The meat should come off easily, but not all come off with the first bit. This is a sign of the ribs being over done.

The chicken was not very juicy and I think that may have been because it was not made with sauce, it was just smoked for a little too long. The meat got kind of fused with the skin and when I took a bite all of the skin came off at once and it took some meat with it.

As for the sausage, still up to par.

customer Experience:
Over all I personally enjoyed it. My new found knowledge kind of bummed me out a little, but I still enjoyed my meal very much.

You don’t have to drop what you are doing and go now, but if you are in the mood for some BBQ check them out and let us know your thoughts.

Menu Description

Bar-B-Que Combination- Your choice of two or three different meats offered (I got chicken, ribs, and sausage). All choices are popular. For those who can’t decide which is their favorite.- Three Items – $14.95

As a normal person enjoying their BBQ- 8.9
As a recently self appointed BBQ judge based on TV- 5.9

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to fill us in on your meal as well!)

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