When you are looking for a delicious and unique meal look no further! Anise Global Gastrobar provides a dinning experience like no place else in Tampa! The decor, styling, and aromas are as intoxicating as their incredible drinks.
Anise stinky buns 2
We had the pleasure of hanging out with Sing, the owner, and Mary, the Executive Chef, who gave us some insights on the restaurants styling and frequent menu changes/addition. Where most restaurants have a pretty standard menu that has a schedule of yearly changes, Anise is always experimenting with new things.

“We change the menu whenever we feel inspired.” -Mary, Executive Chef. Our customers love food, and so do we so why not share that love through our chef’s menu Friday and Saturday to test new dishes.

With limited storage space it is critical that only the most delicious of delicious make it to the menu. There are some cornerstone dishes such as their famous Stinky Bunz, which were a huge success on their original food truck, Jap Chae Korean Noodles, Truffle Tater Tots (to the right), and Baked Goat Cheese. Each of which is quite tasty and very easy to share.
Anise shrimp 1
“It was our intention the create bar food, bold in flavor, and not intimidating so our guests can share, eat, and be happy” -Sing, Owner

After getting to enjoy their shrimp tacos, two stinky bunz, and their new lobster mac and cheese we couldn’t be more excited to come back and try every other menu item.

The Grilled Shrimp Tacos made with sriracha candied bacon, papaya slaw & ginger aioli, were so full of bold yet subtle flavors they leave you wanting another plate! The ginger added the perfect compliment to the sweet bacon and the sriracha gave it that tiny punch of spiciness. Incredible!
Anise mac & cheese
After that we got to munch on the Stinky Bunz- Red Curried Crispy Chicken with cucumber and Chinese BBQ Pork with pickled radish. Don’t let the name fool you the stinky they are referring to it that aroma of awesomeness! These deliciousness filled steamed buns come in four flavors and all of them pack a tasty punch. The flavors and different consistencies of each bun are in alignment with what can only be referred to as amazing. Our favorite was the Red chicken curry.

Last, but not least, we got to dive into a bowl of lobster mac and cheese. As you can see there is not shortage of lobster, that was just the topper there were more tasty chunks of the lobster throughout the entire bowl. The balance of saltiness from the cheese and flavor from the lobster made this flat out the best lobster mac and cheese we have experienced.

photo (38)Now to wash all of this tastiness down we indulged in a Kurrant Bramble– a twist on Dick Bradsell’s cocktail, first featured at Fred’s in London, 1980’s.  Damarak finds a match with fresh berries served over crushed ice and laced with creme de mure & cassis. In a nutshell it was an alcoholic berry icee and it was as magnificent as you could imagine an alcoholic icee being.  We wish our ice cream truck were selling these!

Their drink department is lead by Rohit Patel who inspires their menu with drinks made only from fresh ingredients and crushed berries. What is also unique is there are guest bartenders from all over the area that come here to “play” in a different element where they get to engage with a new crowd of people and experiment with their own concoctions.

The last thing that make this place so cool is the atmosphere created by the decor. Decorator Jamie Rogers and Owner Sing moved forward with photography from their own collections and friends from around the world as well as a wallpaper of love letters from random famous people. All of the elements we specifically set up to provide a elegant and comfy feel for everyone to enjoy. Especially when enjoying their Bloody Mary bar at brunch on Sat and Sun 🙂

Don’t take our word for it, come by and enjoy it for yourself. Check out their menu and Cocktail academy events here.

Stay awesome my friends!
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