Ocena PrimeAny time your have the opportunity to go to Ocean Prime it is always a lovely experience. Great service, a very elegant atmosphere, and creative cocktails. 🙂

Both meals were very tasty, and our server was fantastic. The filet melted in your mouth and just the right amount of char grilled flavor, and with the Béarnaise Sauce and roasted garlic the flavor combination left you anxiously awaiting your next bite. I found it funny how what I was most excited about was the roasted garlic, you could squeeze it right out of the wrapping and it was perfect to eat just by itself.

The snapper was very flaky and the subtle jalepeno flavor from the jalepeno corn tartar gave it a tiny bit of flavored heat to mix with each bite. The “corn spoon bread” was an interesting element and I had no idea what to expect and how it was going to jive with the snapper, but it gave the dish an additional consistency which made the total combination of flavors excellent.

As an over all experience it was a very pleasant evening out with my fiance, and I was able to get some extra brownie points by having one of their dry ice smoking drinks waiting for her when she got to the table.

Ocean Prime 2Enjoy!

Menu Description

Blackened Snapper- Corn Spoon Bread, Jalapeño Corn Tartar – 34

8 oz Filet Mignon- 38

Good…- 7.5

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to fill us in on your meal as well!)

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