Month: September 2017

34 AMAZING Coffee Shops Around Town

First, wow! We started with a rapidly growing Craft Beer scene with Dunedin Brewery years ago, now with 80 Breweris open and 12 coming soon the craft coffee scene is up to bat making its mark on our awesome region. We tend to do a lot of work at coffee shops all over town and have at one point or another stopped into all these places. There are around 8 local roasters, details coming in another post, who are making their mark and are supplying most of these shops. Some shop do order from other roasters around the country,...

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USFSP Releases First Community Concert Series

A Tiny Office with big ideas: USFSP’s first community concert series ST. PETERSBURG, FL, Sept. 20 – Over two dozen local musicians and bands visited the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) campus over the summer to participate in the school’s first season of the community concert series Tiny Office. Tiny Office is made of sweat, stress and great music. It’s a labor of love for the staff of Connect, USFSP’s student-run digital media group. Carrying wagonloads of equipment through the heat, musicians came to be filmed performing in an office the size of a college dorm, all...

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