Month: December 2015

Tampa Bay is Awesome announces its support from 4 Bay Area Chambers and other well-known community organizations.

Over the past 2 ½ years Tampa Bay is Awesome has been cultivating 8 geographically focused Facebook pages, currently over 160,000 “Likes,” and over 100 videos showcasing your favorite local hangouts. “Tampa Bay is Awesome is the first community organization I have come across that truly puts our community before its own profits. Over the past 2 ½  years I have watched this group continually and unconditionally become an amazing resource for local merchants to expose their brands, as well as become an exceptional medium for showcasing all the awesome stuff...

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20 Beautiful New Street Cars around town!

There have been a lot of updates to the artwork around Tampa over the last 6 months! Many of the downtown installations and others have been replaces with these beautiful street cars. These lovely works of art are scattered around Downtown, Ybor City, and South Tampa. 🙂 Enjoy your scavenger...

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